Sunday, May 27, 2012

When the 2-year-old wants candy

Our Bishop has decided that the best way to win over the youth is with sugar. He keeps a bottomless supply of fun-size candy in his office, and every Sunday after church there is a surge of children claiming their share. As if the explosion of pent up energy after three hours of trying to sit reverently isn't enough, the extra boost from the sugar is just enough to catapult them into warp speed.

With great power comes great responsibility. Apparently nursery aged children are not old enough to live up to the demands of a post church sugar high. Before Olive began going to primary at the beginning of this year, Junie was her sole source of a taste of the Bishop's stash.

After packing the kids into the car one Sunday after church - perhaps it was fast Sunday (a.k.a. no candy Sunday) - Olive didn't waste any time in laying out her agenda:

Olive: Junie, give me some candy.

Junie: I can't. I don't have any.

Olive: I want some candy!

Junie: I couldn't get any today!

Olive: Find some.

Apparently she can make her little girl voice sound quite commanding when necessary.


And some pictures from the week:
Henry's gross motor skills take another flying leap
a rare nap photo-op

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Julia Peper said...

So cute, Jennie!! I can't wait till Steven's will actually start falling asleep with me (like on sundays when he doesn't actually get a real nap). He hasn't done that since he was a little baby!! Hopefully someday... You're kids seem to do it pretty easily! Miss you guys...