Sunday, April 19, 2009

The cutie wants to say something cute

"Hmmm...What Descartes overlooked was that he had undermined his argument by actually presupposing the existence of 'I' (as in "I think")--furthermore, he failed to explain the supposition that whatever thinks, exists! But where to go from here? The argument for non-existence is problematic at best."

"Mom, do we exist?"

A rare warm & windy day after some major rain storms. The two biggest surprises? Worms for the taking!

And an impromptu lake right by our house, complete with duck visitors! Note to duck visitors: If you do not let us pet you, we will pursue you in our frog boots (which are waterproof and enable us to walk across impromptu lakes).

Dunking herself repeatedly in the bath and proclaiming "I'm just baptizing!" Technically, June, you're right. Our term "to baptize" comes from the Greek "baptizĂ´" meaning to dip, plunge, or submerge! Knowledge! Aside from baptizing herself, her favorite bath activity is for me to spell out some words and for Junie to sound them out. Today she read her first words: "FOX" and "HOT"!

Juniper's two favorite fuzzy bears.

We visited Tim & Hillary in Pittsburgh, and it was the first time someone said "Olive is big!" without patronizing her. She looked like a giant compared to her premature twin cousins, Lily & Sara.

Two Pittsburgh monkeys hanging around! (Nothing wrong with going for the easy pun, my friends!) Junie loved spending time with all her cousins but especially Rachel, who is just a few months older than her.

The gymnastics bus made a stop in the village recently. This is a converted school bus that has all kinds of soft structures to play on--perfect for a place where kids have to stay indoors for most of the year. Somersaults!

We'll leave you with this recent episode in our ongoing series, conversations with a two year old:
Junie: They are doing a silly thing over there. I don't know what they're doing over there.

Dad: They're having a gardening kick-off.

Junie: Oh! They're having a jellybean cook-off!