Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three is a magic number



Wait, one again.

Juniper is three years old. I just read a convincing autobiography from a great grandfather that claimed his first memory is from when he was just two years old. He described a particular incident of being pushed in a baby carriage. Years later, he recounted the incident to his mother, including the clothes she was wearing and she confirmed it. This, as a parent, carries some weight--everything I do counts now! And can potentially be included in an autobiography someday!

We're enjoying watching Juniper grow. She's growing more aware not only of her surroundings, but of norms, expectations, patterns in the behavior of others. For example, she is becoming less and less willing to go in to the "Man's room" for a potty break when we're out in public. She already knows she doesn't exactly belong there and she always mentions it, but she hasn't fought me on it. Yet.
I enjoyed this conversation on the morning of her last birthday:

Junie: I can't tell a difference

Dad: A difference between what?

Junie: I'm three.

And this scene, documented by Jennie:

Junie, having just made Olive laugh by peeking up over the edge of the changing table, goes over to get her little chair to more easily facilitate continued laughter.

Junie: I'm going to make you laugh, my dear.

Olive is developing in large bounds. She has teeth and is now crawling with ease. Here's a video from the archives when she was just making her first moves. Notice Juniper helpfully demonstrating how to crawl just before she goes.

Here are some more recent shots of Olive



I'm ready for my close up!

These pictures were taken on a Chicago aquarium excursion with our friend Liz and her two sons. Jennie and the girls got to take a train all the way to Chicago and back. Jennie reports that Olive would have been happy to sit and stare at the big tanks for a long time were she unhindered by energetic three year olds.

For Halloween, Junie was actually thrilled to reprise her role as a can of soup--I am not kidding.

Three art points to you if know what the other half of the family is dressed as:



Three. If you guessed Salvador Dali and The Persistence of Time, you win!

One category of joyful parenting moments is seeing your children get along together. Juniper has loved Olive from day one, and Olive is starting to know that. Juniper, for her part, is learning to be a bit empathic in her love--in other words, even though I want to hug and kiss and squeeze Olive like a stuffed animal, she is not a stuffed animal.

Don't cry, Ollie. (Lovely handmade matching ensemble courtesy Aunt Pam)

Good big sister, trying to be still and quiet to let Olive sleep for the last part of the bike ride.

Even sweetly comforting Dad! (My shoulder weirdly cramped up after a horse ride we took together.)

Junie started pre-school this fall. Though she complains about nap time, she loves school overall. Here she is on her first day:

She loves painting in particular. She goes to school for two afternoons per week and she paints every single time. Here she is painting at our annual South Bend Art Beat.

Here are a few assorted pictures and videos from the last six months:

Red (blue?) handed thief:

Junie loves cutting things. Watch her mouth as she concentrates intently on her task:

Our next entry will be a brief glance at the rest of the last year including San Diego. Then...onward.

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