Sunday, February 24, 2008

Junie and Cody were sick this week with a nasty flu bug. At least they could keep each other company while they recuperated. They looked so pitiful! The funniest thing about this picture was that when I laid Junie on the couch, she seemed to be oblivious of Cody's presence until he moved a few minutes later.

Today the sun was actually out making it look deceptively warm. But after having Junie cooped up in the house all week with the flu, I decided to brave the cold that was sure to greet us outside. Here she is getting bundled up in preparation.

Junie gloried in being outside. Despite being well-bundled, she still managed to climb all over the playground equipment. When I finally decided it was time to go in, she cried the whole way. As I mentioned before, we can't wait for warm weather!

Back inside, I discovered her feet were little icicles, so I wrapped her in an electric blanket and gave her a bottle of warm milk. Babies may be good at letting us know when they need some things essential to their survival (food, water, sleep) but it appears that Junie would rather freeze than come inside.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Compare these two images, taken within days of each other. Both in December, one in freezing Indiana and the other in sunny southern California. Junie's good mood captured in the pictures lasted a lot longer in the latter.

Junie and Aunt Annie

Happy baby in your face

Junie relished time spent with the "big kids" at the Rands' house.

Christmas (and bubble wrap) come but once a year!

Cooking with Dad.

When Cody offers to cook dinner he lets Junie join in the fun (and gives Mom a double vacation!)

Keeping warm with Dad

Junie braves the cold weather and insists on walking from the car to the apartment in order to capture a few more moments outside. On the rare occasions she lets us carry her to and from the car, she repeats "cold! cold!" over and over as she leans toward the snow - she doesn't let up until we lean down to let her nestle her fingers into it for a moment. We can't wait for spring!

We couldn't resist posting this video of Junie saying her newest word.